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The Application encountered an error while attempting to change the state of "VM"


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•3- EXCHANGE_OI’ could not initialize. Could not initiallze machine remoting system. Error. •Element not found.’ (000070490). not find a usable cetificate. Element not found.’ (0000704″).

•3- EXCHANGE_OI’ could not initialize. (Virtual machine 10 B967FUc-20A2-43BD.83EE.99R321DCD55) •3- EXCHANGE_OI’ could not initialize machine remoting system. Error: ‘Element not found.'(Ox8D070490). (Virtual machine ID g967FUc.20A2-43gD.B3EE.g9A2321DCD55)

•3- EXCHANGE_OI’ could not find a usable certificate. Error: ‘Element not Status: Off found.’ (oxeoc70490). machine B967FUc-20A2-a3BD-B3EE-99A2321DCD55) @ Hide details Close Symptoms

If the Hyper-V Host Server doesn’t have internet and you have configured it after creating a VM then the server date will change and the self-signed certificate date will change as it won’t be verified by Hyper V manager and will cause launching the VM to fail to start.


Delete old certificate and Create a new Self signed certificate.

To do so open MMC

Navigate to Certificates


In Certificates select Service Account


Choose local computer and click next


Then select the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management Service account and open


Under the Personal, check the date of the certificate there ..

Delete the certificate


Open Service Console and restart all Hyper-V Services


Once the service is restarted, you’ll see a new certificate that has been automatically created


Now if you try to open the VM console again, it should work.

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