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FreePBX (Asterisk Now) With Skype for Business Integration

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In my earliest article about Lync with Asterisk Now (FreePBX) I have written step by step guide on how to integrate Lync and FreePBX but since Skype for Business came out and the new version of Free PBX 13.0.84 I thought it would be good idea to try the integration between both of them ..

In Skype for Business server I am using the latest CU version 6.0.9319.0.

The steps are very similar to the original article except with some UI changes.. 

In the following article I will be only showing the main steps which I have taken to integrate Skype for Business with FreePBX and will show the steps that have been done on the FreePBX side only not on the Skype for Business server as it is very similar to the original article.

Integration of AsteriskNow (FreePBX 13.0.84) and Skype for Business Server

Creating Trunk for Skype for Business

First I will start by creating a new trunk for S4B and configure it. To configure the trunk (Skype for Business trunk for outgoing calls from Asterisk to S4B)

Click on Connectivity >>  Trunks and follow the below screenshots.

Under the SIP settings (Outgoing) tab type the following


In the incoming tab make sure you delete everything and then submit changes

Configure the Trunk with an outbound route

While creating the Outbound route, this route must be associated with the Trunk that I have created earlier in the trunk sequence as in the below screenshot..

In my case the pattern NXXX should be enough as it’ll route the call to my S4B’s 4 extension users (5000)


Click on Connectivity >>> Inbound routes

Click add inbound route


Now the most important is the SIP settings

Configuring Asterisknow to accept TCP calls from S4B

From the Settings menu ->> click on Asterisk SIP settings then choose Chan SIP settings and do the same configuration like the one below

Scroll further down to the “Advanced General Settings”

Enter the two “Other SIP settings” fields below and submit changes.

Conference with 2 Extensions on Asterisk now with s4B

I can call from S4B to Asterisk extensions and vice versa without any issues.

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