Did you know that you can get hosted mail for free for your domain?

Yandex Offers Mail Accounts with Users’ Own Domain Names


This is probably an old news for some people but for me it’s the first time that I have heard/read about it! Yandex offers a free hosted email @YourOwnDomain.com! I have heard this only today from a friend who have been using it already on his own domain and the service quality is perfect and it’s 100{308b10a016e19a1cd6a208cbc3961927e16fc6766a4020d3c4ef54ea17925f0f} FREE.


While searching online, I came through this article that was published by Yandex in regard to this service. The article was published on the Internet on October 27, 2009.

Yandex offers domain owners an opportunity to create an electronic mail account with any name they choose, including their personal name, as in ivan@theterrible.ru or peter@thegreat.ru. Using Yandex’s email service for domain owners, anyone who owns a domain can now create an email account for themselves, as well as accounts for their family, friends or co-workers, and share a personalized domain name with them.

The owner of one domain can have up to a hundred accounts — enough to serve a small company or to be distributed among the staff of a secondary school. The users of the Yandex’s email service for domain owners can benefit from all the features available to the users of the Yandex.Mail service, such as a modern interface, spam protection and unlimited space. The email service for domain owners is accessible online or via email clients Outlook, The Bat and other.

To create an email account with a personalized name, domain owners can visithttp://pdd.yandex.ru (in Russian). The service is currently in beta testing. Feedback, questions (including requests for more than one hundred email accounts) and partnership ideas are welcome at domain@yandex-team.ru.

In addition to having a personalized email address, domain owners can also create websites with personal domain names on Yandex’s free web hosting service narod.ru. Now Yandex offers its users an opportunity to have both a free, up-to-date website and a free, convenient email account in their own domain.


I already have some domains that I didn’t use any email servers for them and it came to my mind to use this service for those both domains.

Here’s mine, I already set it up on two different domains and if you want you can send me a test email to info@moh10ly.website  





Hope this was useful for you.Winking smile


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